GTechniq – New Car Protection

The GTechniq vehicle protection product range is a technologically advanced, ceramic-based system of treatments; it’s used to protect and enhance the interior and exterior materials of your car. This product has been developed over years of professional experience. Now it features across Formula 1 and is used to protect multi-million-pound superyachts.

Protecting your car will help maintain its value in years to come; making it a worthwhile investment. The GTechniq new car protection system is unique as it takes long-term care of the cosmetic condition of your car. The way your car is cared for, from day one, will have a significant influence on maintaining its condition and will maximise resale value. GTechniq will ensure that your car is maintained to the highest standard, making sure that your vehicle is given the best possible treatment.

UK Wide Coverage

Under the GTechniq new car protection system, iValet UK’s professionally trained technicians take special care in preparing your car to the highest standards available. This process begins with a snow foam pre-soak and a clay cloth decontamination to ensure the paint is as clean as possible prior to product application. These are vital steps that are commonly missed by main dealers, which can sometimes lead to negative images of their new car protection packages. From top to bottom, inside and out, the GTechniq treatments are used to prepare your new car for delivery to you in pristine condition.

GTechniq Northampton

Included in the GTechniq Car Exterior package:

  • A Full Valet and preparation including decontamination.
  • GTechniq Paintwork Protection: All exterior paintwork is treated to a unique crystal nano protective coating, enhancing its shine and ensure maximum resistance to environmental hazards. The glossy water-repellent coating is easy to keep clean and maintains a superb deep glossy shine.
  • GTechniq Glass Protection: All external side, rear and front windows (including windscreen) are treated with a long-term, optically clear, non-stick, easy to clean coating. As you drive the raindrops, roll off to give greatly improved wet weather visibility and road safety.
  • GTechniq Wheel Protection: Wheels are cleaned thoroughly, and iron decontamination applied inside and out, ensuring the cleanest possible surface for the wheel protection to bond to. Brake dust simply washes off with shampoo and water putting an end to tough scrubbing to remove bonded dirt.

GTechniq Northamptonshire

Package Options

Choose from either GTechniq C1 or the latest Crystal Serum for full exterior protection.

  • GTechniq C1: £199
  • GTechniq Crystal Serum: £249

Add a final protective layer to enhance the longevity of your base coat

  • GTechniq EXO: £49

Why not include interior protection, glass sealant and wheel sealant to your new car?

  • Gtechniq Interior: £49
  • Gtechniq G5 Glass Sealant: £29
  • Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour: £29

Included in the GTechniq car interior package:

  • GTechniq Upholstery Protection: Upholstery (fabrics, leather) and carpets are treated with a durable waterproof coating to seal out moisture and resist staining. Accidental spillages simply bead on the surface, whilst dust and sticky marks are easily removed

*when done at the same time as the exterior treatment

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